Does your existing Website cost too much money, time and nerves?

Don't worry anymore wether your website is secure or not. Don't worry about updating your website either.

The CMS Boys take care of all that.

Outdated CMS is not a good thing



69.8% of Joomla installations were outdated in 2017.


65.3% of Drupal installations were outdated in 2017.


39.3% of Wordpress installations were outdated in 2017.

Why is an outdated CMS not a good thing?

An outdated Website damages your business

Outdated can mean that the design of your website is old, your content always the same or the software which powers your whole Website is not updated anymore. All these cases have an influence of your business.

Bad Google Ranking

Google rates you based on many factors. One of them being the technical state of your website.

If your website out of date, Google might rank you worse.

Your Website gets hacked

Hackers exploit on weaknesses of old Software. This includes Websites as well. When you have an outdated Website it is easier for Hackers to hijack your website. Most of the time you don't even know that you are hacked.

Losing on mobile traffic

An outdated Website usually has very bad to no mobile compatibility. Nowdays over 50% of all the websurfing is done mobile. Is your Website not compatibile for mobile devices, you might miss out 50% of potential traffic.

Company reputation

People like to see new things. Your customers or partners want to see that your business is working and changing. Websites with a year old content might damage the company reputation because it looks like nothing is happening in their online-presence.

Do I have to be worried?

Be at ease and without worries

Most issues websites is the vulnerability they have because of inconsistent update/upgrade behaviour. It mostly gets forgotten or it is this thing you have to do but don't really know how to.

That's where we come in. We take over your Website and make sure you don't have to worry about it anymore. More time for your core business.

No more worries

We bring your existing website to an a-ok status.

No more updates

We update your CMS, your modules and your extensions.

No more bugs and hackers

We hunt bugs and hackers on your website.

No more security-issues

We protect you and scan your website every month.

No more data loss

We backup your whole website regularly.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be completely satisfied with our service.

Psst...there is more

Hidden Benefits

Besides having your website in a top status, there are other benefits to our service beside not having to take care of this annoying CMS.

More Time

Nobody in your company has to take care of your CMS anymore beside adding amazing content. You win a lot of time that usually should go into maintaining your CMS.

Your business is #1

We make sure you can concentrate on your core business in such times and help that  bad things don't happen around your CMS.
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A free mind

You don't have to think about the problems anymore. The CMS in in save hands and will be maintain a secure environment without you having to thing about it.

We are here for more

With any question you have about your Website and all around it, we help you out. We can help you wiht Design, adding new funcionality or with your Google Ranking.

Don't like unpersonal, one-directed communication?

Or you just want to ask more questions this website does not offer you.

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